becoming a mother

I have about a million siblings. Okay, not really but close…eight. I am the oldest of nine kids through adoption. Life was difficult for us kids before the adoption (which you know some of the details through previous posts). I became a “mother” at age six when my baby brother was born. I was old enough to understand how to care for another human being so birth mom often left me in charge or was passed out on the couch. I held him, I fed him, and I changed his diapers. I cared for and protected my siblings the best a child could do. I don’t regret it; because of it a special love and bond grew between us and we were able to survive the trials life threw at us. When we get to be together we sit at our dinner table and talk and laugh to the point of tears for hours. They all mean so much to me. I can just be the big sister now but I will always love and worry about them the way a mother loves and worries about her babies. One of my greatest joy's is seeing them become mother’s and father’s themselves!


g i v e a w a y || gold pin dot big bow dress

i am just feeling so grateful for everyone right now. i recently shared a very personal, private, sad, triumphant and happy part of my life over on Small Fry. i was so nervous. it took me 49 minutes to actually send the email and i literally almost passed out once i did. there was no going back now so i definitely cried really hard until i gave myself a headache. i pulled out my phone at least a dozen times to call them, text them, beg them to not open the email. i guess you could say fear in all forms took over and was really freaking me out.

i tried to forget about it. then they each replied and the things they said made me cry (happy and grateful tears) and gave me courage, strength and helped me remember why i sent it in the first place. it definitely was not for the attention. it took me over 20 years to even accept some of the things i wrote down let alone have any desire to share them with someone...even my husband. it wasn't because i wanted to tell people bad things happened to me and then have everyone feel sorry for me. it was 100% to share the true miracle of adoption. i shared those things with the hope of spreading...well...HOPE. hope in overcoming the bad. hope in adoption.

i have had some horrible things happen to me. more than what i shared in that post but through the miracle of adoption and through pure will power (it was my choice) i have broken the cycle of addiction and sadness. i have a wonderful life filled with joy and many imperfections but all in all still happy. 

okay, this isn't where i was planning for this blog post to go...haha! but here we are. and all i wanted to say was thank you. thank you for the kind words, the texts, the phone calls, hugs, well wishes and even the purchases made from my shop! T H A N K  Y O U!!!

I am a gift giver, its my love language. So here is a giveaway for you! Love you all so much!


#whole30 What I Loved & Hated

If you're not aware, whole30 seems to be the new craze these days. it makes sense because it totally works when it comes to weight loss and eating clean. I jumped on the whole30 bandwagon a couple of months ago and I made it 21 days. i thought i would share my thoughts about my experience.

note: not all experiences are the same. if you are thinking about doing whole 30 DO IT! i promise you will be glad you did.

okay. i will be 100% honest...i mostly hated doing whole30. i felt great putting clean, good for you food into my body and i definitely notice some fluff loss results but for me at the end of the day it made me stressed out over what i was going to eat next. i don't enjoy cooking and there is A LOT of cooking involved. i don't like being restricted to a diet plan where if my friends or family go out to eat they have to either plan around me or i not go at all. if i cheated for one meal, one little bite, one carrot shaped fruit snack, i had to start over. i didn't like that i had to cut out really good for you foods like whole grains, beans, and cheese (maybe not the healthiest food but probably one of the tastiest). for these reasons, whole 30 isn't for me.

what is did like about it was that we have several new recipes that we will actually use again! it re-started my love of clean eating and exercise. i don't eat paleo and i don't eat whole 30 but i do eat clean whole foods. fresh veggies and fruits, and good meats. i like the freedom of going out to eat and getting whatever i want as a treat to myself for the other 6 whole days of clean eating. i do limit the high carb meals to once a week and for only one maybe two meals (especially because i refuse to give up my Cafe Rio sweet pork ensaladas and Reece's S'mores, HAHA!). i feel like i have developed a more balanced lifestyle when it comes to eating and feeding my family and that is so important to me.

so, if you're thinking about doing whole30 i would recommend it to get you started on a healthy eating lifestyle. sometimes its good for a person to cut out the junk 100%  in order to get a fresh start. if it isn't working for you don't feel pressured to keep doing it. i know i did and that is what made me unhappy when it came to food. i stopped at day 21 and i am glad i did! i truly believe in good, whole, fresh foods and exercise. it is so good for the mind and body.


Etsy vs. Big Cartel

 photo 589a8ce7-1c85-4a39-bee8-03824089ae27_zpsa7e6404d.jpg 

I made the switch from Etsy to Big Cartel. I LOVE it! I will never ever go back. Big Cartel is so much better, its cheaper, user friendly, and I love that I can customize the look suited towards my brand. here is the link to my new website: www.dreamcatcherbaby.bigcartel.com


What To Expect

So, remember how I said I was going to be better at blogging. BAHAHAHAAAA! Oh man. I have been so focused on my businesses that I simply haven't been able to fit blogging into my schedule. I would love to say that that will change but...I'm afraid I cannot make such promises at this time. 

I can however send you over to a really great website: What to Expect so that you can read a little blog post I wrote about going from one kid to two. Check it out, tell me what you think!