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my phone has been gone for over a week now and posting on instagram has been the most difficult. so here i am hoping this will reach a lot of provo locals! i will be participating in another "Small Shop Round Up" hosted by Lou Lou and Co. Last time was a blast! There are some amazing shops coming as well (all listed below)! come and see all the new items i will have there (sorry, no big bow dresses this time).

saturday || september 20
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
115 east 200 north

shops attending (these are their instagram handles) @dreamcatcherbaby @loulouandcoshop @letsplayground @light_and_ink @anniekblake @lauragzundel @tatertotshoppe @camilialund @hellomaypole @ellouiseandco @ellienewellart @paigecanderson @hellosparrow @madebyjewls @flordeluzshop @the_paytons @brunosapparel @pearlandjane @belleandwhistle @theposhplum @ambercdickson @signonthex @bootsbybecca @oatsandivy @dear_miss_k @agoldengarden @youdolldesign @lyou_blyou @kensiekate @thebeeskneesshoppe @olliescubby @asdarlingdoes @flyawaybands @craftystash @greenstitches @voulezjewelry @mylittlefancies @madebymarywithlove @ivoryk @thelandofsalt @shopavenlie @statelytype @wildplumco Little Sweet Shoppe


Meet PJ Swens

let me just tell you about this day.

we woke up. i changed a stinky diaper and sat my boys down for breakfast. i made eggs and gave them some raspberries. i left to go help kenny and came back to philip (who we mostly call pj) looking like this. he managed to pull the [brand new] carton of raspberries (it was a costco size carton) onto his tray, he opened it, smashed about 80% of them and threw the rest all over the kitchen floor. yep. i stuck him in the bath tub, ran down stairs to throw a load of laundry in, grab him a towel + some clothes. as i was doing this (maybe about a minute in) i hear kenny say "oh hi nakey baby!". he had climbed out of the tub and found his way down stairs butt naked. oh well. as i was finishing loading the washing machine i noticed he had his head on the ground and his butt straight up in the air. i laughed and looked between his legs which made him laugh. that is when i saw the little pile of poop he had just pooped all over my carpet. awesome. i ran upstairs really fast to grab some paper towels and was so excited (can you hear the sarcasm) to find a really big poop and a trail of tiny poops + a stream of urine all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor. i ran back down to grab pj and put a diaper on him so he wouldn't go poo or pee on the floor again. i cleaned every thing up and fell onto the couch and buried my face into the cushions. kenny wanted to read a book so i sat up to read to him. about 5 minutes later i hear a noise in the kitchen so i go check to see what it was and i find pj had dumped an entire jar of jam all over the table + chair + floor.


so i gave him another bath and put him down for his 11 o'clock nap.


Finding MY Beauty

What a wonderful life I have been given. So many opportunities have come my way and I am truly grateful. I was recently interviewed by my beautiful friend Kayti who is the lovely and inspiring woman behind The Be{you}ty Bureau! As I answered each question I tried to not think about it too much and just speak from my heart. Say the words that came to my head. Its not easy for me to do because I am SUPER shy. I don't look at myself and see beauty. I don't contemplate my goodness or my good qualities. I'm usually pretty hard on myself. Doing this interview for this AMAZING series has made me see myself in a different light and that its OKAY to look at myself and see beauty and my goodness.

Thank you again Kayti!

Go to this link for the video: http://youtu.be/RkjWbkm8dFs
Go to this link for a bit of my story I shared on Small Fry Blog: http://www.smallfryblog.com/2014/05/25/an-adoption-story-jessica-swenson/


CLOSED g i v e a w a y || gold pin dot big bow dress

i am just feeling so grateful for everyone right now. i recently shared a very personal, private, sad, triumphant and happy part of my life over on Small Fry. i was so nervous. it took me 49 minutes to actually send the email and i literally almost passed out once i did. there was no going back now so i definitely cried really hard until i gave myself a headache. i pulled out my phone at least a dozen times to call them, text them, beg them to not open the email. i guess you could say fear in all forms took over and was really freaking me out.

i tried to forget about it. then they each replied and the things they said made me cry (happy and grateful tears) and gave me courage, strength and helped me remember why i sent it in the first place. it definitely was not for the attention. it took me over 20 years to even accept some of the things i wrote down let alone have any desire to share them with someone...even my husband. it wasn't because i wanted to tell people bad things happened to me and then have everyone feel sorry for me. it was 100% to share the true miracle of adoption. i shared those things with the hope of spreading...well...HOPE. hope in overcoming the bad. hope in adoption.

i have had some horrible things happen to me. more than what i shared in that post but through the miracle of adoption and through pure will power (it was my choice) i have broken the cycle of addiction and sadness. i have a wonderful life filled with joy and many imperfections but all in all still happy. 

okay, this isn't where i was planning for this blog post to go...haha! but here we are. and all i wanted to say was thank you. thank you for the kind words, the texts, the phone calls, hugs, well wishes and even the purchases made from my shop! T H A N K  Y O U!!!

I am a gift giver, its my love language. So here is a giveaway for you! Love you all so much!



What To Expect

So, remember how I said I was going to be better at blogging. BAHAHAHAAAA! Oh man. I have been so focused on my businesses that I simply haven't been able to fit blogging into my schedule. I would love to say that that will change but...I'm afraid I cannot make such promises at this time. 

I can however send you over to a really great website: What to Expect so that you can read a little blog post I wrote about going from one kid to two. Check it out, tell me what you think!